MFD's Approach to Covid-19

MFD's Approach to Covid-19


These are quite unprecedented times across the Globe with the Outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Government have provided extensive guidance, advice and support to all its citizens and including those who provide specialist front-line services in the Health and Social Housing context.  

It is in within this context we wish to share our experiences in MFD approach to Covid-19.

Within a 24 hour period of the Covid-19 Lockdown,  MFD had produced the following key guidance and operating documents to all our staff and to those Local Authority clients to whom we provide specialist “key worker” services.

1. MFD Position Statement on Covid-19  26 March 2020

2. MFD Covid-19 Risk Assessment  26 March 2020 (Updated on 27 May 2020 following new government Guidelines)

3. MFD Risk Assessment Flow Process for Visiting Residents during Covid-19   26 March 2020

4. MFD Public Health England Cleaning & Disinfection Guide - Covid-19    26 March 2020

5. MFD World Health Organisation How to Hand-rub Guidelines - Covid-19   26 March 2020

Since the Outbreak of Covid-19,  MFD have been working flat out 7 days per week, such is our commitment, to provide valuable key worker services to our Social Housing Clients whose residents  are vulnerable and at risk. 

To such an extent the “Operations Head of Service RMS (Newham Inclusive Economy & Housing) issued  a special dispensation  letter to MFD whist undertaking “specialist keyworker” activities for Newham LB so we could maintain continuity of service and commitment to Newham LB and its residents.

MFD continues its professional commitment to provide specialist Keyworker services to all our Clients and to those tenants with special needs or are vulnerable.   

In addition MFD provided an invaluable “Out of Hours Service” to a number of its clients who required emergency “Deep Clean” of Voids and Properties    

A  number of our Clients within the context of the Social Housing Market asked us in “special cases” to undertake 48 hour turn-around of Void Clearance and “Deep Clean” of properties in addition to providing the following  

- White goods (supplied and installed)

- Furniture (supplied and installed)

- Brown goods (supplied and installed)

- Curtains (supplied and installed)

- Carpets (supplied and installed)

- Vinyl flooring (supplied and installed)

This enabled new tenants to re-occupy the property within a four day period.

MFD also provided in that same 48 hour period, the following Homeware:

- Crockery Sets

- Cutlery Sets

- Microwave

- Toaster

- Kettle

- Bedding Bundles

- Stainless Steel Saucepan sets

- Kitchen and Utensil sets and Vacuum cleaners

The above complemented the “comfort and social wellbeing” of tenant(s) who were particularly “vulnerable with special needs” at a sensitive time.

MFD will continue its professional commitment to provide specialist services to its Clients and to those tenants with special needs or are vulnerable.

If we can be of any assistance to your business in terms of the above or in the procurement of any of the above please contact us for an immediate response.


Stay Safe and Well Covid-19

Advice for everyoneCoronavirus (COVID-19)


  1. Advice for people at higher risk
  2. Symptoms and what to do
  3. Self-isolation if you or someone you live with has symptoms
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In May 2020, Richard House Hospice put out an Emergency appeal for funding during the Covid-19 crisis. Micks Furniture Discount responded immediately to the call for help in our Local Community in which we operate. Mick White, Managing Director, is presenting a cheque for £1000 to Trish and Carol of Richard House Hospice.